CPDRC Inmates Gangnam Style

Due to insistent public demand, the world renowned dancing inmates of Cebu finally had their own version of Psy's Gangnam Style music video.

Despite the heavy rain yesterday afternoon, Sept. 29, 2012 at least a thousand inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) entertained guests with their ecstatic adoption of the Guinness World Record holder for the "Most Liked in YouTube." Credits to Mark Anthony Bautista for taking the video.

List of School in Bogo Cebu

Bogo Schools

  • Anonang Norte Elementary School
  • Anonang Sur Elementary School
  • Araneta Learning Center (Bogo) - for. Bogo LC
  • Banban Elementary School
  • Banban NHS
  • Binabag HS
  • Bogo Central School I
  • Bogo Central School II
  • Bung-aw Elementary School
  • Cayang NHS Ext.
  • Don Potenciano Catarata MNHS Ext.
  • Guadalupe NH
  • La Paz NHS Ext.
  • Libertad NHS Ext.
  • Odlot NHS Ext.
  • Bartolome Piañar MNHS Odlot Ext.
  • Binabag Elementary School
  • Bung-aw Elementary School
  • Cayang Elementary School
  • Cebu Roosevelt Memorial College
  • Combado Elementary School
  • Dakit Elementary School
  • Don Pedro Rodriguez Elementary School
  • Felipe R. Verallo Memorial Foundation College
  • Gairan Elementary School
  • Guadalupe Elementary School
  • Jovencio N. Masong National High School
  • La Paz Elementary School
  • Libertad Elementary School
  • Malingin Elementary School
  • Marangog Elementary School
  • Nailon Elementary School
  • Northern Cebu Colleges
  • Odlot Elementary School
  • Polambato Elementary School
  • Siokon Elementary School
  • St. Louise de Marillac College (Holy Family Academy)
  • San Roque Child Development School
  • Taytayan Primary School
  • Bogo colleges

  • Cebu Roosevelt Memorial Colleges
  • Felipe R. Verallo Memorial Foundation College, Inc.
  • Northern Cebu Colleges
  • St. Louise de Marillac College (Holy Family Academy)

  • Source: wikipedia.org

    Pintos Festival of Bogo Cebu

    Pintos Festival

    Pintos Festival(Photo source Bogo Times)
    Is an annual festival in the northern city of Bogo that showcases their delicious delicacy the pintos. Barangays all around Bogo City jive up together to form 5 cluster tribes. ‘Kuyayang’ is a courtship dance of the Bogohanons that is staged before the community during fiestas. This street mardi gras as a cultural tourism festival of Bogo manifests the cultural heritage of the town and serves as an avenue for cultural conservancy of the city.
    The Official Pintos Festival Jingle was composed by Mr. Dante J. Mayor with the assistance of Christian Yurango. The composition was finalized with the musical guidance of Mr. Slavsky Ybañez. The lyrics was originally written by Mr. Gremer Chan Reyes and was edited by Dante J. Mayor and Rev. Fr. Eligio M. Suico.
    The latest version of the Bogo Pintos Festival Jingle was rearranged by Elvis Somosot and was recorded at his own studio at Musikinesis, beside Plaza Independencia, Cebu City. It was recorded last July 22, 2011 by the selected Bogo City Employees under the baton of Mr. Slavsky Ybañez.

    About Bogo, Cebu

    Bogo is a city in the northern part of the province of CebuPhilippines. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 69,911 people.


    Bogo is politically subdivided into 29 barangays:
    • Anonang Norte - Hon. Josefina Balais
    • Anonang Sur - Hon. George Tabaco
    • Banban - Hon. Jose Oporto
    • Binabag - Hon. Aida Dy Mangubat
    • Bungtod (Pob.)Jose Brainard Mayol (ABC Pres.)
    • Carbon (Pob.) - Hon. Rosendo Barte
    • Cayang - Hon. Alexander Estrella
    • Cogon (Pob.)- Hon. Vivian Canama
    • Dakit - Hon. Efren Tolingin
    • Don Pedro Rodriguez - Hon. Propetacio Bañares
    • Gairan - Hon. Nestor Lumongsod
    • Guadalupe - Hon. Jefren Cortez
    • LaPaz - Hon. Marlou T. Ancajas
    • La Purisima Concepcion (Pob.)- Hon. Jose Felix Mandal Rodriguez
    • Libertad - Hon. Artemio Diola
    • Lourdes - Hon. Erwin Ortega
    • Malingin - Hon. Marilyn Calidguid
    • Marangog - Hon. Restituto Balunan
    • Nailon - Hon. Pio Yurango
    • Odlot - Hon. Jissan Cadlawon
    • Pandan (Pandan Heights)- Hon. Jack Lester Lepiten(anak benhur)
    • Polambato - Hon. Narciso Melendrez
    • Sambag (Pob.) - Hon. Clive Bendijo
    • San Vicente (Pob.) - Hon. Paul Ybañez
    • Santo Niño - Hon. Cesar Jusay
    • Santo Rosario (Pob.) - Hon. Nelly Guevarra
    • Siocon - Hon. Emma Jagdon
    • Sudlonon - Hon. Jaime Perino
    • Taytayan - Hon. Nestor Aranas

    Sanggunian Kabataan

    • Guadalupe - Hon.
    • LaPaz - Hon. Ellen Andrino
    • La Purisima Concepcion (Pob.)- Hon. Keannu Arnoco
    • Libertad - Hon. Artemio Diola
    • Lourdes - Hon. Rosemarie Suson
    • Malingin - Hon. Marilyn Calidguid
    • Marangog - Hon. Rochelle Marie Catamco
    • Nailon - Hon. Crisologo Mandawe
    • Odlot - Hon. Jissan Cadlawon
    • Pandan (Pandan Heights)- Hon. Loreen Grace Pepito
    • Polambato - Hon. Blessy Mae Sumabat
    • Sambag (Pob.) - Hon. June Ilyn Terado
    • San Vicente (Pob.) - Hon. Dominic Lazo
    • Santo Niño - Hon. Tiffany Mae Jusay
    • Santo Rosario (Pob.) - Hon. Christian Neil Guevarra
    • Siocon - Hon. Emma Jagdon
    • Sudlonon - Hon. Kevin Tariman
    • Taytayan - Hon. Tyronne Almadin


    The plebiscite for the cityhood of Bogo was held on 16 June 2007. After few hours of canvassing, 97.82% of voters of Bogo voted for "yes" for cityhood. Former representative Clavel Asas-Matinez announced that the cityhood of Bogo has been ratified. It became the sixth component city of Cebu province.
    On 19 November 2008, the City of Bogo was demoted along with 2 other cities in Cebu and 13 other cities in the Philippines. The Supreme Court ruled out that the 16 cities did not pass the requirements for cityhood.[1]
    On December 10, 2008, Bogo and the other 15 cities affected filed a motion for reconsideration with the Supreme Court. More than a year later, on December 22, 2009, acting on said appeal, the Court reversed its earlier ruling as it ruled that "at the end of the day, the passage of the amendatory law (regarding the criteria for cityhood as set by Congress) is no different from the enactment of a law, i.e., the cityhood laws specifically exempting a particular political subdivision from the criteria earlier mentioned. Congress, in enacting the exempting law/s, effectively decreased the already codified indicators. SC reverses self, upholds creation of 16 cities As such, the cityhood status of Bogo is effectively restored.
    On August 27, 2010, Bogo lost its city status again. It shared this fate with 15 other cities after the Supreme Court voted 7-6, with two justices not taking part, to reinstate a 2008 decision declaring as “unconstitutional" the Republic Acts (RAs) that converted 16 municipalities into cities. A previous law required towns aspiring to become cities to earn at least P100 million annually, which none of the 16 did.
    On February 15, 2011, the Supreme Court upheld for the third time the cityhood of Bogo and 15 other towns in the Philippines. 
    As of June 2011, an Entry of Judgement which states that Bogo City and 15 other LGUs' cityhood laws are all constitutional. This entry of judgement ended the cityhood battle of Bogo.

    Source: wikipedia.org

    Manlayag, Danao City

               If you want to relax and witness an exciting and wonderful view just go and visit barangay Manlayag.
                       Manlayag is one of the mountainous barangay in Danao City. It is composed of three sites- Manlayag Patag, Manlayag Bungtod and Manlayag Kawayan. Many foreigners visited in this place before just to witnessed the mountain bike race to be joined by the bikers in different countries. It is mostly done every month of July. However, due to some reason, it is no longer now a spot of mountain bike race, but in spite of that, still barangay Manlayag is a much spoken place for its very nice and exciting sceneries. It is a place where you can find peace in mind and heart that’s why it is suit for those people who wants to find themselves from unwanted and unexpected problems.

         On the other hand, even how nice the thing or place it was, there’s always a counterpart negative portrayal. Some of the people said that Manlayag is known for its supernatural well being just like manananggal, aswang and many others which is a fallacious presumption for there wasn’t even a single evidence to prove that they were really existing in the said  place. As a matter of fact, people living in Manlayag were religious individual and aside from that they were approachable too. Late 1990’s, there was a miracle happened in Manlayag.  Mama  Mary  did her miracle inside the cave that’s why many people from the other place took a visit in there and they together brought a small container to be filled by a water in the spring located beside in Mama Mary’s image for they believe that  it can heal different ailments. Until now, people in Manlayag offer a prayer inside the cave.